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Mom Seeks God

Are you a mom like me?

Terrified of breaking your brand-new precious baby?

Finding yourself, despite all the warnings, staggered by the dramatic shift from pre-baby to post-baby life?


Are you a mom like me?

Deeply in love with your baby but so exhausted you doubt your ability to get through motherhood?

Desperate for God’s love and reassurance but at the same time struggling for the space and quiet to talk to God?


Loving seeing your husband cradle your new baby but at the same time so jealous that he gets to go off to work while you have umpteen hours of entertaining a newborn in front of you?

Longing for time to yourself but at the same time desperately lonely?


All those things described me when I first became a mom. I was deeply in love with my new baby but also desperately tired and filled with self-doubt. I was just plain desperate, actually.


My new book, Mom Seeks God, is the story of my journey from that isolation and desperation of the brand-new mother to closer connection with God through ten different spiritual practices: prayer, fellowship, submission, study, simplicity, silence, fasting, service, worship, and celebration.


God taught me so much during that year, about giving myself some grace as I learned to be a mother, about some new ways to pray and serve and connect with God in the beautiful chaos of motherhood.


Most of all, I learned that motherhood itself was a powerful spiritual practice, both in the ways it shifted my focus from my own needs to the needs of another and in all that it taught me about love, especially the love God has for us.


Whether you’re a mom who is struggling spiritually or someone who just wants to better reach God in daily life, I hope you’ll find a story to relate to and some encouragement and help in the pages of Mom Seeks God.


Middle of the Night Mom

Years ago I read the book I Don’t Know How She Does It. One scene stuck in my head, the one in which the chronically sleep-deprived main character (businesswoman/mom/wife/stress case Kate) is in her kitchen late at night. Everyone else in the house is asleep, but poor old exhausted Kate, instead of joining them, is […]

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