Editing Service

For almost twenty years, beginning as an editor at HarperOne Publishers and continuing as a freelancer, Julia Roller has edited fiction and nonfiction books for many best-selling authors.

Julia offers an intensive overall macroedit focusing on themes, organization, voice, and flow. She charges a flat rate per manuscript, depending on factors such as the length of the manuscript and the desired turnaround time.


“Julia’s edit of my upcoming book gave me a confidence in it that I hadn’t had before. Her attention to detail, creative suggestions and almost omniscient grasp of the material not only made the book better, it also made me a better writer. A terrific and talented professional.”—author Mark C. Hull

“Above all, to Julia Roller, an exceptionally fine editor and ‘coach’, who helped me in many ways; whatever the quality of this novel, it is much better than it would have been without her.”—multiple New York Times bestselling author Marcus Borg (from the dedication of his first novel, Putting Away Childish Things)

“Many an author has praised his or her editor as truly the best, the most accomplished, and the most brilliant. But the honest-to-God truth is that it would be insulting to attempt a description of my editor, Julia Roller, with any such adjectives. Her abilities and skills far transcend the praise that these mere descriptions could offer. She has earned my deepest admiration for tightening the storyline, endowing each word with purpose, and polishing every letter of this book with an unparalleled passion and endurance. The thousand wonders she performed have breathed this book into reality.”—novelist Noel Branham

Please contact Julia by email for more information.

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